My first brush with the Mad Hatter in London was when I ran into a group of theatre artists setting up the tea party scene right outside the Camden station. I didn’t expect to stumble upon them so easily – in fact, I’d already booked high tea at the Sandersons’ Hotel which does an ‘Alice in Wonderland’ theme. Nevertheless, the Camden troupe was a happy bonus, and I got one photo with the entire tea party crew including Alice, the Mad Hatter, the Mouse and the rest.

My reasoning for heading to the Sandersons’ tea was two-fold. One, I’d get to try out the fancy British tea with delicacies like scones that Enid Blyton had described so compellingly in her books. And two, I love Alice in Wonderland so the theme was just an added bonus. Sandersons has done a great job with the decor and the ambience – everything in the tea room was Alice themed, including brilliantly named teas that came in a pot titled ‘Drink Me’. There was also quite a spread to eat – the savories came in tiny tasting portions, and you could get repeats. The cakes, scones, macarons and all the sweet goodies were displayed on a giant cake stand at your table. We spent a few hours eating our way through it all and were quite stuffed at the end of it. This ones a highly recommended experience for any Lewis Carrol fans!